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NACURH Affiliation

For NACURH, the only thing that matters is YOU!

     For the past three years we have seen great changes to the we connect with each other. From face coverings and zoom meetings, to elbow bumps, joyful hugs of the cheers of being together again. NACURH has always sought to build up student leaders on campus and help them achieve their greatest potential.

     This year, as we return to primarily in-person experiences we challenge all of you to use NACURH to find your team, find your passion, and to find who you may be...

Completing Affiliation

When completing the affiliation process you have the opportunity to pay by check or card. We ask that you select the form that specifies your intended payment method for ease of submission. There are no differences to the two forms except for the payment method and we only keep them separate to help us process your payments more efficiently. Once you have submitted your forms and payment information our team will process both, reviewing the submission to ensure all responses are accurate and uploaded documents are successful. If there are any issues with documents, responses or payments someone from our team will reach out typically within 48 business hours to assist. 

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